Back to the future: the journey of one vlog

This time of year begs reflection.

Recently I’ve been trying to document some of the learning from my doctoral and professional journey. After a great conference session at the ALT Winter Conference 2019 today, with international contacts I now consider an intricate part of my learning network, I had a moment! I suddenly realized that just one simple act, the production of one public VLOG at the beginning of 2019, an act which had caused trepidation for me, being very camera shy, had led me to some of my richest and joyful learning experiences and points of growth. My archived blog posts map some of this journey to date.

And I wonder, how different my year would have panned out, how much poorer, at least professionally, life would have been this year, without having not ‘felt the fear and doing it anyway’.

This has set off a trail of reflective thoughts this afternoon which I leave with you today, particularly as we we head towards the end of another year.

What single acts have changed the course of your learning or professional journey this year?

If you could go ‘back to the future’ what would you change and why?

What next fear should you challenge yourself on?

Special thanks to Rob Lowney & Suzanne Stone of Dublin City University, for the invitation to contribute to the ALT Winter Conference 2019.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties :- Erich Fromm

The original VLOG I posted on Linkedin

“Video Killed the Radio star” (The Buggles, 1979) was the 80s hit tune that acknowledged the power of the then emerging video medium. I believe, within academia, we have yet to fully make use of the VLOG communication device. Here I argue the ‘VLOG’ has the power/agency to disrupt written discourses in some areas of business and management academia.

“Don’t Ask Anyone To Do Anything You Wouldn’t Do…” so  view my VLOG below, which is a call to action for fellow educators and professionals to make more use of VLOG activities/assessment, to develop skills in its effective use by business/management graduands, and in developing skillsets of the talent of Industry 4.0.

To VLOG or not to VLOG? by Felicity Healey-Benson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Grombrich, C. (2012) Academic Vlogging [online]. Available at [Accessed 2/2/2019]

Thanks to all my linkedin support below

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