UWTSD press release: Dafen School Award Ceremony

I covered the Dafen School Global Pioneer School award event briefly last week, as it unfolded, but pleased to share the full UWTSD press release with detailed quotes from the lovely guests that the Head Teacher, staff, and governing body representatives welcomed in, to the scaled down covid-safe entrepreneurial learning showcase celebration with the children:

  • Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change,
  • Nia Griffith, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales,
  • Gareth Morgans, Director of Education and Children’s Services at Carmarthenshire County Council,
  • UWTSD’s Dr Christine Jones, Interim Dean of the Institute of Education and Humanities,
  • and local business champion, George Parker, of Parker Brothers (Contractors) 

Read the full coverage : https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/news/press-releases/press-2021/entrecompedu-school-pioneer-award-for-dafen-primary.html

or https://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/cy/newyddion/datganiadau/datganiadau-ir-wasg-2021/gwobr-ysgol-arloesi-entrecompedu-i-ysgol-gynradd-dafen.html

Later today 3.30PM BST /4.30PM CEST

and on Thursday, at our Global Policy event with a number of ministers joining in from a number of countries, 2PM BST, 3PM CEST

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