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also available in Welsh:

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Healey-Benson, F. (2022) ‘From Ontic to Ontological – one doctoral student’s reflections on a lived experience of ‘becoming’ phenomenological’, UWTSD Doctoral College Poster Symposium, 25th February 2022, University Wales Trinity St. David.

In the press: Western Mail. GEW Week 2021

Workshop at the first International Academic Conference 2021 (IAC2021), Malaysia ‘Entrepreneurial Learning supported by EntreCompEdu to enhance pedagogy and practice in Malaysian Higher Education’, 28th October 2021.

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Accepted for publication in the European Journal of Teacher Education (EJTE)  2022

Kirby, D., Healey-Benson, F. & Penaluna, K. (2021) ‘Entrepreneurship and the Sustainability Challenge: the need for a systematic approach to entrepreneurship EducationIEEC2021, Enterprise Educators UK, 8-10 September 2021

3rd August 2021: Book: Healey-Benson, F. (2021) ‘Authentic Vlogs’ in Hrastinski, S. (ed) ‘Designing Courses with Digital Technologies: Insights and Examples from Higher Education‘, Routledge. Pre-order :

In the Press: 14th July 2021


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Featured in 18/6/21 & 23/06/21

Featured in 4/5/21

Healey-Benson, F. (2021) ‘Vlogging as an assessment device‘, EntreCompEdu Café Webinar Series, , 20th April 2021. Creative Comms Attribution.

Featured in

Featured in–academic-co-launches-new-phenomenology-society-and-conference.html 19/04/21

Healey-Benson, F. (2021) ‘Creating value through the SDGs‘, EntreCompEdu Café Webinar Series, 16th February 2021. Video link. Creative Comms Attribution.

Proud to be listed in Sam Coniff & Alex Barker (2020) ‘How to Be More Pirate’, OWN IT!

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Also available in full proceedings

Healey-Benson , F. (2020) ‘The mind behind pragmatic and innovative entrepreneurship’, UWTSD, 11th May 2020 [blog]. Available:

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Also in Bantani Education (2019) Facebook

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*Short-listed by the Sponsors of the WCOL (800+ delegates from over 80 countries) as ‘Best Concise Paper’ of the Conference

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On book launch, 8th Nov 2019

UWTSD (2019) ‘Their future, our hands: new book inspires the future generation’, Press Release, 8th November 2019 [online]. Available:

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Also featured in

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Blogio Fideo ai Peidio? Sgiliau ar gyfer Diwydiant Available: 4.0

Healey-Benson, F. (2019) ‘Beat the data tidal wave: make it visual’, Advance HE, 5th March 2019.


Exploring the uses of infographics and data visualisation to help learners understand and make best use of data. 

Healey-Benson, F. (2017) ‘ University 4: Saving our Souls ‘, DBA Identity Magazine, Winter Edition, UWTSD: Wales.

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This article is interested in motivation from the perspective of human will in relation to additional hours worked by employees in organisations. The discussion context is set around human will and an awareness of value creation through voluntary and involuntary time gifted to an organisation by employees.


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