Pirates, People, Passion and Phenomenology

Last week was pure madness -a collision of key events – I did wonder if there was some chaotic planetary alignment at play.

Amongst the usual routines in the week I had the pleasure of participating in another EntreCompEdu cafe, this time led by Paul Ranson, my fellow edu- pirate, and project advisor at the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society – a spirited, creative and fun take on entrepreneurial learning in support of sustainability endeavours – with a slice of piracy.

I then embraced the magnificent opportunity to engage in two celebration events at Dafen Primary School, to support the unveilling of their rather gorgeous ‘EntreCompEdu School Pioneer Award’.

Sensitive to covid-safety regulations, the events had to be down-scaled, but the children and staff made up for it with their passion and energy, showcasing all their efforts and outputs, impressing our Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Nia Griffith, as well as other community, educational and business stakeholders present. More to report on this soon.

sneak preview

A lovely share from our Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters below

Making use of my own ‘spotting and taking opportunities’ I seized a window to turn our Deputy Minister, Pirate. Giving him clear overview of the purpose and manner of the Be More Pirate campaign and its utility for speeding up change in the education and sustainability agendas [no unsuspecting Borat style victim strategies for me LOL], Lee listened with passion, proving to be a man up for radical change in his new mission as Deputy Minister of Climate Change for Wales.

The week still to complete, saw the arrival of the ‘Phenomenology’ hanfod.NL event that Dr Mike Johnson and I have been planning for over a year, negotiating all sort of issues from covid-kicking us out of our Cardiff based location with a castle social event into a full online event, and some technology not playing ball – but we persevered and adapted, and with the special help of our Canadian and Danish network amongst others, enjoyed the birth of a new collaborative phenomenological research community – a powerful end to the week.

I feel I am suffering in energy depletion now, not going to lie – but I look back and I see the people, the energy, the commitment, the smiles, the potential…important now, to take stock, recharge, to rise again…

Big thank you to all involved in this projects. Together, stronger.

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