The fireflies delivering EntreCompEdu

Some of the EntreCompEdu Steering Group who met in Swansea

Last week, in the heart of the UWTSD’s SA1 technium centre, EntreCompEdu’s pioneering team met to drive forward the implementation of the professional entrepreneurship competence framework. A team drawn from Spain, Belgium, Sweden, North Macedonia, Wales and Finland, brimming with expertise and enthusiasm. An international diversity from varied work contexts, gifting different perspectives and solutions to the project’s opportunities and challenges. A team focused on educators, researcher and policymakers, to ensure EntreCompEdu’s tools and resources increase the scale, scope and effectiveness of entrepreneurship education skills development.

Working alone, or in silos, does not ignite the imagination of others. Stepping into this project space, one immediately draws energy from the brilliant light circulating around the table, even tangible, from those team-members also remotely connecting in. The creative effort and inputs of the entire team sparking innovation with impact!

EntreCompEdu is the epitome of value creation. It serves to develop a skills framework and practice map, supported by innovative CPD; bringing together a global community of entrepreneurial skills development.

This team glows! Its outputs signal personal and societal transformation, seeding positive change on a global level. As phase one of this project fasts approaches its effective conclusion, with its English, Spanish, Macedonian and Flemish translations of training modules on track, educator engagement is well on target. Work on the Practice Map, the Policy Toolkit, and full employ of networks to disseminate and publicise EntreCompEdu outputs continues.

Let’s look forward to the next installment of these synchronized fireflies in the next steering group update later this year.

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