EntreCompEdu Social Media campaigns impress judges

Always a pleasure to update on the EntreCompEdu project, the day-to-day of which I miss dearly. This time, I celebrate its scoop of the ‘Social EU Award 2021‘ for ‘Best Social Networking’. Awarded to the 3 best Erasmus + projects, the Social EU Awards evaluate project capacity to produce content, reach targets and engage a high number of potential stakeholders.

As recently shared by UWTSD, awareness of the EntreCompEdu project spread beyond its website, newsletter, and social media campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, reaching conferences, educational platforms, and multiple blog outlets, as well as multi-country local and national press with its ongoing engagement through its global forums, webinars, and its EntreCompEdu Café series.

Making full use of its learning community to foster peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and reflection, within and between fifty-two countries involved, the EntreCompEdu project continues to deliver sustainable and systemic impact on education. The team has effectively disseminated the knowledge generated to all its key stakeholders, at all levels of policy, community, business, and education.

Commenting on behalf of the UWTSD partner team I was able to share that “the award is testament to how powerful the multi-partner media campaign has been in contributing to the transferability of the EntreComp framework into the various stakeholder settings. The marketing and dissemination activities have surpassed the project’s original expectations, with excellent global participation and engagement“. “Here in Wales, it’s an active reference point in engagement with schools on its New Curriculum journey. The energy created around the policy event, celebration events and EntreCompEdu cafes have further directly contributed to the project’s overall innovation potential.”

Dr Kathryn Penaluna, Associate Professor, Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development commended the project partners collaborative high quality media outputs, so effectively co-ordinated by Bantani Education, which “have further strengthened the global Enterprise Network”.

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