Supporting the 1st Global Cross-Faculty EntreCompEdu Pioneers

Excited to share another thoroughly rewarding adventure with the EntreCompEdu project, from the recent phase 2 with participants drawn from over 50 countries – one journey, representing UWTSD, with the multi-discipline faculty team at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW). After three months of the phase 2 CPD, ten faculty members drawn from biotechnology, biology, business, media, literature, and advanced technology now become our first Global Cross-Faculty EntreCompEdu Pioneers. A team evidencing the power of energetic peer cross-sharing through the shared language of EntreComp. A framework to stimulate entrepreneurial competence development and support cross-collaborative value creation work across disciplines. The team also took advantage of the multi-country educator EntreCompEdu Group forum which encourages the sharing of ideas, questions, and practices from its multi-country participants drawn from the full range of educational settings and contexts.

Read the more on the story direct from UWTSD:

Thanks to the IUMW EntreCompEdu Phase 2 first Cross-Faculty Pioneers: Dr Nisa Omar, Dr. Ong Chong Boon, Dr Sharmila Sethu, Dr Ashley Ng Sok Choo, Asha Nair Ganeser, Shahril Efzueni Rozali, Aminuddin Baharudin, Muhammad Shawal Abdul Rashid, Elilarasi Letshmanan, and Abdul Basit.

Thank you to IUMW for their commitment to the EntreCompEdu journey, especially given the pressured conditions of the current covid context, and for all the valuable feedback received on the CPD design. Already in receipt of their EntreCompEdu digital badges, I look forward to sharing their global online graduation hosted by the EntreCompEdu steering team and Bantani Education early next month.

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