‘EntreCompEdu’ embraced by teachers in Wales

Piloting of the Erasmus+ ‘EntreCompEdu‘ is underway in Wales, with primary teachers and PGCE Post Compulsory Education Teachers in training, currently being immersed into the new CPD framework that envelopes EntreComp (the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework).


Today’s I report on the PGCE PCET engagement led by Mark Flagg, the UWTSD’s Programme Director PG Cert HE. “Our journey began back in November when thirty of our student teachers attended the Enterprise Conference at Dylan Thomas Centre Swansea, keen to learn about the EntreComp model, aware that that they will need to deliver upon the call for entrepreneurial thinkers with the right skills to navigate the demands of the fourth industrial revolution. With almost immediate effect our new teachers were enthused by the utility of the framework to add a breadth of value focus to their lesson design for employ across their micro-teaching sessions and placements.”

Mark Flagg, Programme Director PG Cert HE.

Mark further explained that “the EntreComp framework provides for clear and focused engagement with entrepreneurship, especially useful to new teachers who can perceive entrepreneurship as mystified in coded language. Our student teachers now recognise themselves as key change agents of entrepreneurship”.

EntreCompEdu pilot participants

Last month, the Wales based EntreCompEdu pilot participants drawn from science through to arts, work-based learning, business and sports, engaged in a preparatory EntreCompEdu workshop led by Mark. This involved a number of activities to familiarise with the EntreComp framework and the developing online CPD and self-assessment tools. Initial feedback reports the reflection activities are already helping them with both their placement work and academic assignments. Mark added, “there is great enthusiasm for the connectedness of EntreComp and the EntreCompEdu tool, and for the development of skills that are widely transferable”.

EntreCompEdu seeds play and experimental approach to value creation

Paul Ranson is taking full advantage of the EntreCompEdu journey. A video games developer and entrepreneur himself, he has been frustrated with the over-emphasis in education that being an entrepreneur is mainly about being focused on the money. “Educator development that is supported with competences and content that tune into the wider value creation is really enthusing” and “the reflective pieces are really helping me fine-tune my teaching competence, across the range of of ages and backgrounds of students within an Outreach University context”.

Paul Ranson, games developer & innovator turned educator

Following Paul’s introduction to the tools, he was inspired to work on a Reflective Lego Simulation as an entrepreneurial-informed means to facilitate the requirements of Project Management.

“I had lovely feedback from my adult students, who adored the playful and experimental approach to develop their knowledge, understanding and application”. Paul has also embedded Entrecomp-inspired activities in a new module for digital skills and research methods. “The focus here, was for my students to research the relationship between diligence and academic outcomes, which has golden thread tie to the Entrecomp self-awareness and self-efficacy competences”. Paul concluded ‘I’m really am excited about this tool which clearly encourages educator access to new concepts and ideas, and provides opportunities for entrepreneurial experimentation and reflection”

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