COVID-19 fails to halt CPD: Online celebration of Welsh entrepreneurial school

Image adapted: Guille Álvarez

Following this blogspace, you’ll know I work on the Erasmus+ funded ‘EntreCompEdu’ project. It is with much delight I update with phase one celebratory news, specifically the culmination of Dafen School’s entrepreneurial CPD endeavours through lockdown. An online graduation.

We didn’t start out with a pandemic context in mind, but what has clearly been evidenced since, is that a passionate commitment to teaching infused with an entrepreneurial mindset WILL result in agility, innovation, and resilience.

Staff of Dafen School in Llanelli had every excuse and pressure to put their CPD project on hold as the COVID-19 chaos hit education hard. Instead, they were open to reflect, adapt and innovate, to explore all that was possible. In this instance, a collective goal, practical support and unwavering commitment, to experiment, risk failure and learn even in state of crisis. A whole school of staff completing the 3-month project despite the urgent transition to online learning, key worker hub rotas, routine one-to-one communications with parents and carers, and personal home-schooling and care responsibilities!

The press release below by the University of Wales Trinity St. David, a lead partner in the project covers the full detail:
Innovative digital event to celebrate EntreCompEdu phase one

Next Steps

Feedback from the participants across the countries participating in phase one (Wales, Spain, Italy, Belgium, North Macedonia and Finland) has been used to inform the next (phase 2) iteration.

I look forward to the next stage of the adventure, as the EntreCompEdu steering team and trainers roll out phase two to fifteen countries, after which, the final global CPD model will be ready for open access.

Further info on the EntreCompEdu can be found at:

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