IWD2022: women – fuelled, focused and fearless

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Women – in independence, we have inner strength; collectively we have power and impact.

Today it’s International Women’s Day, a day assigned to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It’s easy to look up, or through our screens, to take joy in the women that take the stage, and rightfully shine. Women that stand out with their determination, incredible decision-making and powerful yet reasoned voices. Only months ago I reported on Mia Motley, the Barbadian politician and attorney, whose voice cut through indecision and lack of urgency at COP26, with unbounded energy and clarity.

Last year in ‘IWD – why I ‘roar’ for my lady rebels‘ I toasted my own incredible mixed networks of female change agents “who make the subtle and powerful difference in so many ways, and possibly in ways we will never know or fully understand”.

Women have always been masters of this kind of grassroots change. Because we’ve had to be…we mobilize each other to make those dreams come true – Melinda Gates

Today, in 2022, I turn to local networks.

I celebrate the ladies new to my own network. I have been blown away by the trust, compassion and support co-invested, between women without previous tie or bond. This is not to exclude the men who have also stepped forward, but to honour the almost indescribable phenomenon of womenfolk who instinctively trust, protect, invest and conjoin on a very personal level, with a shared and unfaltering ambition to achieve justice, fairness and equality.

I watch in awe, the acts of local Ukrainian women, who have been drawn into war, weeping yet resolute, either left alone to take care of their families as their menfolk have been drawn to arms, or bravely rushing to the front line themselves, confronting Russian soldiers as to why they are fighting. Strength, courage and conviction.

There is something primordial and generative in the feminine mobilised, protective of their kin, challenging the status quo and those that stand in the way of freedoms.

Demanding a better way…a fuelled, focused and fearless powerhouse. We will… by coming together!

Licensed image: 1298389170 istock

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