Dafen Primary, EntreCompEdu Pioneers rock another GEW

Our EntreCompEdu Pioneer pupils of Dafen Primary School supported by UWTSD continue to shine bright as they spotlight their growing entrepreneurial competence. Taking the opportunity to celebrate their third Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW2022), across the whole school, they have collaborated, ideated, designed, and produced a range of sustainable products to bring value to the school and to others.

As part of the GEW2022 celebrations, the Nursery children investigated a bag of old compact discs and loose parts and came up with the idea of making toy spinners out of some marbles. Carefully they made use of tools such as screwdrivers and hammers to make holes in old pen lids. Persevering with their fine motor skills they threaded the CDs and junk to make light catchers to hang outside. Now, when the sun comes out the Nursery is fuelled with dancing lights. In this project alone, they developed many of the competence petals of their bespoke Foundation Phase EntreComp flower.

Foundation Year 1 made use of offcuts from their unique and carefully tendered school willow snail sculpture in order to create sustainable star decorations for the Christmas Fayre. Engaging in planning, design, construction, marketing and sales, they raised lots of funds while bringing smiles to all those who spotted their sparkly and eco-friendly product line.

Foundation Phase 2 also developed a highly lucrative Magical Reindeer Food, another favourite at the Fayre. Appealing to many friends and family keen to support wildlife and bird-friendly reindeer food to reward Santa’s helpers on Christmas Eve. Many customers were transfixed by its magical ingredient fuel offering.

Year 3/4 also focused on planet-friendly zero-waste Christmas decorations also making use of all types of offcuts and recycled elements whilst bringing a personalised touch to festive decor. Another hot favourite at the Fayre.

Blwydden 4/5 worked collaboratively to develop various designs for a new welcome arts installation for the school designed around recycled milk bottle caps. A creative task that required exploration and experimentation with plastic material and its possibilities. We can’t wait for the final reveal to be unveiled in the school soon, placed not too far from their EntreCompEdu Pionner School Award.

For Global Entrepreneurship week, Year 5/6 opted for a Christmas stockings line. Targeting a healthy profit margin, they came up with a vibrant design that delivered on their enterprising targets.

Congratulations to the school on another successful whole-school entrepreneurship endeavour. The enthusiasm and creativity and consideration of environmental impact and sustainability is tangible. A fantastic range of projects developing ideas into action and leveraging the opportunity to raise funds for their school whilst having lots and lots of fun.

Congratulations. Llongfarchiadau.

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