Youth engagement at Charterhouse School Sustainability Conference

At times it’s just too exciting not to cross fertilise activities in my life-world. My work in promoting Harmonious Entrepreneurship often gets an airing or re-share here in Emergent Thinkers. Last week David and I were thrilled to take part in the Charterhouse School  Sustainability Conference, that took place on March 14th in Surrey. The conference brought together educators, students, and thought leaders to share and discuss ways in which we can prioritize sustainability and promote a more sustainable future. As a leading independent school, Charterhouse recognises the global imperative to prioritise sustainability and has made it an important element of their future strategy.

Our participation in the conference was a valuable opportunity for us to engage with young minds and share our own holistic and systems thinking harmonious values and practices. At HES, we believe it is our responsibility to promote not just environmental sustainability, but to care for people as well as the planet. We recognise that the next generation of leaders will play a crucial role in achieving these goals and are committed to doing everything we can to reach the hearts and minds of young adults.

Overall, the Charterhouse Sustainability Conference was an inspiring and enlightening experience, which gelled well with our company values. We gained valuable insights into the thoughts and perceptions of young minds, which we can use to further expand our knowledge and expertise in this important area. We look forward to continuing to engage with Charterhouse and its  students thereby helping to promote a more sustainable future.


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