Immensely proud to be part of the EntreCompEdu project, a policy reform project funded through Erasmus+ Key Action 3, to assist educators with the development of EntreComp competences. EntreCompEdu seeks to empower teachers to rethink the skills they have and how they can be used to foster entrepreneurial skills in their learners. The vision being “a world in which every learner has the entrepreneurial skills to be part of a workforce that is alert and responsive to change, and capable of designing and implementing new solutions to complex problems”

Project aims include:

  • the revision and strengthening of the professional profile of the teaching professions: 
  • promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in primary, secondary and VET, &
  • the development of partnerships between education and employment 

One key deliverable is a Professional Skills Framework which builds on educator’s prior learning and experience, and which encourages ownership of their own professional development through deliberate practice, self-evaluation, action research and ongoing reflection.

More detail on this project can be found on http://entrecompedu.eu/index.php

For now, I am excited and infected by the enthusiasm and expertise of the multi-country team behind the project who enrich the programme and its potential reach.

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