To VLOG or not to VLOG for Industry 4.0?

vlogging pros and cons

“Video Killed the Radio star” (The Buggles, 1979) was the 80s hit tune that acknowledged the power of the then emerging video medium. I believe, within academia, we have yet to fully make use of the VLOG communication device. Here I argue the ‘VLOG’ has the power/agency to disrupt written discourses in some areas of business and management academia.

“Don’t Ask Anyone To Do Anything You Wouldn’t Do…” so  view my VLOG below, which is a call to action for fellow educators and professionals to make more use of VLOG activities/assessment, to develop skills in its effective use by business/management graduands, and in developing skillsets of the talent of Industry 4.0.

Grombrich, C. (2012) Academic Vlogging [online]. Available at [Accessed 2/2/2019]

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