Shifting Old Paradigms: a virtual conversation

If the isolation of Covid-19 has highlighted one thing, it’s that human connection is important to and for all of us. Manifesting in many different ways or channels, it has also encouraged many of us to open our attention more fully to the people around us, and to review and refocus energies on the connections that matter.  It’s also brought new momentum to those who are committed to positive revolutionary change, new futures even, be that in work, education or in society in general.

To this end, I celebrate some my growing networks who are purposed to challenge old thinking and evoke new perspectives.

One such initiative is the forthcoming virtual event by ‘Beautiful Minds’ (Ffion Jones) and ‘My Own Coach’ (Kevin Watson), two personal connections I very much value, supported by 91 Untold, and Wheresmylunch. July 23, 2020 | 08:30 to 13:00 BST.

Ffion explains “The future of work is being created with old paradigms. It’s like we’re continually fitting square pegs into round holes! Our mission is to ask questions that challenge old thinking and evoke new perspectives to the way we want to work. We have no intention of telling you what to think, as we don’t have the answers. This will not be a normal conference, webinar or event. Instead, we’ve created an immersive, online experience where you are in control and can choose to take part in bite-size keynotes, group exploration and one-to-one conversations.

Tickets are just £29,
All profits from this event go to Circles Network , a highly creative and entrepreneurial organisation working to tackle isolation through groundbreaking circles of support and advocacy.

Their motto,  dream, dare, do ’, is an echo of the spirit of this event.
Circles Network is a registered charity number, No. 1043601.

Sign up at:

To see the change the change you want in the world, you have to be the change…and this promises to be a healthy, safe and immersive space to trigger that journey, invest some time in your own skills, and help build upon your change connections.

Headline Photo by Alexas Fotos 

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