Facilitating entrepreneurial learning in Malaysian Higher Education

Following my wonderful experience of supporting ten faculty members drawn from biotechnology, biology, business, media, literature, and advanced technology at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) to become EntreCompEdu’s first Global Cross-Faculty EntreCompEdu Pioneers, I received a fantastic invitation to co-ordinate a panel workshop at IUMW’s International Academic Conference (IAC 2021). An opportunity to share the story and and impact of EntreCompEdu for wider Malaysian Higher Education implementation. The workshop next week brings together exciting contributions from the energetic and expert network that is EntreCompEdu; a group of people who both inspire me, and inform my entrepreneurial endeavours, who will kick start a EntreComp Malaysia community.

Elin McCallum, Belgium
Director/Co-founder, Bantani Education, Belgium

Filip Burgelman, Flanders
Entrepreneurship Education architect/Lecturer
Thomas More University College, Flanders

Jing Zhang, China
Fellow of Enterprise Educators UK (FEEUK)
Chief Consultant, Beijing Vision Chang International Education and Culture Consultancy Company Ltd.

Dr Sharmila Sethu, Malaysia
Senior Lecturer, Business Faculty
IUMW, Malaysia

Jacquie Jones, Wales UK
Program Director International Travel, Tourism, Events, Festivals & Leisure Resort Management, UWTSD, Wales

Join us if you can. – https://www.iumw.edu.my/iac2021-overview/

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