New visuals for Emergent Thinkers 2nd birthday

About Felicity © 2020 Graphic created by Vanessa Randle, – Click to Enlarge

Excited to reveal a new ‘site banner and logo’ to celebrate Emergent’s 2nd birthday!

There’s been quite a lot to share over these last couple of years, from vlogging to pirate voice, and entrepreneurial, sustainability and phenomenological endeavours. I have also had the privilege to share in-depth conversations with many amazing, accomplished individuals in ‘ the mind behind..’ series.

I’ve been humbled and supported by so many of you, drawn from 119 countries to date. Thank you for the warmth, the positive feedback, and endless good wishes.

So from me to you today, thank you for supporting me.

I write to share my own and other’s stories, that they may help or inspire. In truth, I’m helped too. The writing process feeds my ongoing state of ‘wonder’ about the world, and has carried me through some heavyweight moments, grieving for my dad, health challenges, and of course, my own trials with ‘lock-down’. Thank you again!

I also give special mention to Vanessa Randel of ‘thinkingvisually ltd’ who has created the new designs, and the ‘About Felicity’ graphic, which captures some of the key themes running through my personal posts to date. I hope you like it as much as I do 😉

I look forward to year 3 of Emergent

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