Their future, our hands: new book inspires

Tay Kay Luan’s gift to the future generation

It is with enormous pleasure I announce the availability of Mr Tay Kay Luan’s second book on sustainability.

The arrival of the book has brought tremendous excitement to my household. For not only does it contribute significantly to the global discussion on the most important challenge of our time, it is home to two of my own chapters ‘Sustainability and education’ and ‘Humans versus Robots‘.

I thank Mr Tay Kay Luan, the Vice-Chancellor of the International University Malaya-Wales for the opportunity to share my voice. I am privileged to have been involved in this project.

I encourage everyone to take a look. Let’s move things on further towards achieving UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Available in copy or kindle now:

Mr Tay Kay Luan is the vice-chancellor of the International University Malaya-Wales and author of Perspectives on Social and Business Sustainability. He graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Kingston University, London.

Thank you Mr Tay Kay Luan

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