The mind behind the investing in others for sustainable futures

Day 4 of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 and the second Emergent special edition ‘mind behind’ interview’ supporting the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society’s celebrations. I met Kay Luan, in his capacity of Vice Chancellor of the International University of Malaya-Wales, at the UWTSD’s Nexus teaching conference in Wales in the summer of 2019, and was blown away by his vision, openness and his depth of wisdom. Sharing a passion for the SDGs he invited me to work with him on his book, ‘Applying Sustainability, Principles and Practices’ (published Oct 2019).

I consider Kay Luan to be a trusted colleague, mentor and friend, privileged to have first hand experience of his appetite for positive change and passion for protecting our world. Here I take a deep dive with Kay Luan, into his sustainable futures life long journey to date.

Happy GEW2021!


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