My Sweet Valentine Doc Viva Moment

Today’s blog is one I’ve craved to write.

The opportunity to calmly reflect and capture ‘my doctoral moment’ which occurred in the early afternoon of February 14th.

A peak of anticipation and uncertainty, a suspended moment that subsumed years of challenge, pressure, preparation, and passion, and culminating in hours of serious and focused thesis oral defense.

This moment, shaped by words of congratulation from Dr. Wagha and witnessed by Dr. Lee and my Chair, Dr. Mullins. A moment of unparalleled release, dropping out of a vortex of swirling and turbulent emotion, to finally find solid ground. The release was physical as well as cognitive and emotional. Tears rolled, as I embraced my Dad, now passed, who had witnessed me embark on the journey, and those waiting for me back home, my Mum, husband, and children, so deeply wedded and invested in the process.

A sweet and gentle easing of the tension in my stomach built up throughout the entire process.

And it was glorious. Shedding the weight of uncertainty and stepping into the light of a new chapter.

The moment I was addressed as Dr. Healey-Benson, in the presence of three smiling well-respected academics.

A moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Thank you to all those involved in my doctoral journey and researcher becoming, which contributes “A hermeneutic phenomenological investigation of the lived experiences of educators in Higher Education”. There is a lot more to share on the research and what remains of the doctoral process, but that’s for another day…

Felicity x


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