International Women’s Day – why I ‘roar’ for my lady rebels

Yesterday I read a post on LinkedIn that made me roar. It is attracting much commentary – from many women like myself.

  • Does it always have to be CEOs/founders? If the rebellion has to begin with an already seen progressive leader and go top down, how much of a workplace rebellion is it? There are many, many female rebels (pirates), who have pushed upwards to change the power dynamics and the culture – Alex Barker, Be More Pirate Network Lead
  • Women are less attracted to the limelight if we have demonstrated real impact/difference – Deana Wildgoose, Pirate, Navigator & Connector, Director of TH!NK FC CIC,
  • Female Rebels are like Ninjas. We act in silence but are very effective – Denise (Debold) Fleck (she/her/hers), Business and Life Coach
  • Rebels exists outside of the narrow lens of a CEO or Owner – Elvira Kalmár, Founder@Go Beyond Project
  • Females just get on with the day job of rebelling! Being hard and painful most days and facing the constant challenge and put-downs – Cat Duncan-Rees, Curator of Change; Pirate; Camerado
  • Changing the world one powerful question at a time –Michelle Minnikin, Captain of Work Pirates and Chartered Psychologist
  • Rebelling in our unique ways and being very innovative! -Rebecca Marandola, Head of Talent and Culture at Oosha Ltd
  • “As a leader it is seen as revolutionary to care about (or “even“ for) humans an,d not only about numbers. It is rebellious to foster a supportive, trusting and transparent workplace culture. If you happen to be a female leader who actually leads in a ”female“ way it is a small revolution in itself, Alexandra Barber, Team Leader I Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Rebellion can come from anywhere – maybe we turn this ‘finding’ on its head and say are female rebels simply more adept at alliance building, rapport, and cocreation which, when put together, means that movements grow without the collateral damage or expressions of resistance/hostility that make the other stories ‘newsworthy’. – Jackie Le Fèvre, Director of Magna Effect
  • We’re all over the place and in my experience much more numerous than men … but I guess we usually prefer to act rather than talk – Amel Hammouda, Executive Vice President Transformation & Network chez Air
  • I’m a rebel. A guerrilla force with my TLC rebels. You must be brave. Embrace risk and go against the grain of the popular often – Nicki Page, TLC, Wellness Sustainable Hospitality

So, on International Women’s Day I’m toasting my incredible local and international networks of female change agents – they make the subtle and powerful difference in so many ways, and possibly in ways we will never know or fully understand, yet the reverberations of their day to day actions will change the face of our society for the better.

Today, I stand proud as a female rebel sharing the iconic 70s ballad celebrating female empowerment. It is quite something that 50 years on… “You can bend but never break me/’Cause it only serves to make me/More determined to achieve my final goal” — remains prescient and apt for 21st-century female rebellion.

I have never considered myself a feminist, preferring equality of opportunity, but every once in a while I do find it necessary to ‘roar’ for the girls! and will teach my little lady to do so also!

Female Lion picture: Samuel Scrimshaw@samscrim

Youtube Credit:
NVNCBL. (2016). I am Woman by Helen Reddy 1971 [Video]. YouTube.

Thanks to the ladies and all the conversation generated the original post attracted high engagement!

4 Replies to “International Women’s Day – why I ‘roar’ for my lady rebels”

  1. Uplifting Felicity xxxxx
    We need runners most of us only manage to walk one day at a time
    Can’t believe it’s 50 years since l first heard
    I am woman


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