Creative Vlogging: Challenging Assumptions

So why the Business/Education Vlog with the donkey?

  1. To showcase filming ‘on the hoof’ as a fun, creative & unique way to tackle one area of future skills development at a time AND
  2. To examine the true and often overlooked attributes and capabilities of the ‘donkey’, and in doing so highlight the importance of challenging one’s own and others’ assumptions

In a nutshell, – with the help of Delaney, possibly the first business donkey vlogger?–what assumptions should we challenge in ourselves, in others?… what skills sets should we hone/fine-tune to continue to evolve alongside the machines?

In the age where data appears king, should we not reconsider the power of intuition, which is often denigrated; that it is not an inferior system? Should we not consider how important it is has been in supporting the effective evolution of many species in our world to date?

In the words of Salman Mufti at the Smith School of Business, “business leaders should recognize data analytics and intuition are not mutually exclusive, even when we use data, intuition and experience are still critical in developing novel strategies to meet business challenges”.


Donkey Facts drawn from: Ears with, The Shamanic, and The Donkey Sanctuary.

Mufti, S. (2016) Intuition in the Age of Big Data (blog). Available at: [Accessed 21/03/2019]

WEF (2018) Skills needed to survive the robot invasion of the workplace [Accessed 21/03/2019]

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