The Uncertainty Experts: turning uncertainty into opportunity

From fear to resilience in the face of uncertainty

If Sam Conniff and Alex Barker are involved, I know that’s there’s good trouble and positive discomfort ahead…which is why my Pirate self-jumped at the opportunity to further explore dealing with fear, change and uncertainty!.

‘The Uncertainty Experts‘ – has been created up by multi-talented author, change agent, producer and director, Sam Conniff, or to many of you who follow my posts, the mind behind ‘Be More Pirate’.

Sam’s new immersive, interactive live documentary will be looking at how uncertainty connects all our problems and worries…
And how it inspires our greatest creativity and resilience.
Speaking to scientists, researchers, and ‘Uncertainty Experts’ who overcame life’s most significant challenges to become business leaders, CEOs and campaigners, he shares how we can train the brain to better respond to uncertainty.
Sam’s been collaborating with researchers from UCL on the scientific research behind the program and on the measurement of the mindset shift in our audience.

I’m not going to rework his words…no need…he says…

I’ve interviewed Uncertainty Experts around the world, from refugee camps to war zones, and spent six brain-melting months learning from some of the UK’s leading neuroscientists in experimental psychology, prediction error and judgement and decision-making (JDM because scientists love a terrible acronym!) and more all for you to inherit superpowers from some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.
In every single test so far, audiences move 30-40% upwards on a self-scored measure of their attitude and belief in their ability to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Participate in three one-hour episodes on May 12, 19, and 26. I’ve signed up, and am very excited!

There are two showings: 5pm and 8:30pm GMT you can choose which to attend.

There will be no recording or catch-up. Book your ticket today here – quickly…:-)

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