Greetings and poetic reflections from a doctoral phenomenological pirate

Merry Christmas. Thank you for staying the journey with me. As predicted blog frequency dropped this year due to maturing state of key projects, finalising a five year part-time doctoral thesis included.

As I close my 2022 with family, to take advantage of some spirited R&R, I’m sure I join many who reflect on the months past, to bring closure. Losses and frustrations aside, to take sanctuary in the growth achieved and to optimise plans going forward.

It’s been a taxing year. There is difficulty prioritising and letting go of some goals to focus on others, whilst facing the guilt and anxiety that comes with this. That said, my thesis submission, a life milestone and trigger to is in, and I now prepare for the forthcoming oral defence.

Phenomenology as a way of thinking, as well as the philosophical approach which frames my research, has been my haven. Phenomenology focuses on the subjective experience of individuals and how they perceive and understand the world around them. It emphasizes the importance of first-person experience and the role of consciousness in shaping our understanding of the world. Routinely entering this thinking space with exposure to wonderful people who migrate to hermeneutic phenomenology has made the difference between the journey being one of ‘make’ rather than ‘break’; providing a sense of clarity and understanding, and a sense of purpose and direction.

I often inject my affiliation with “Be more pirate” values, as published by Sam Conniff Allende, a phrase used to encourage people to be more unconventional, rebellious, and innovative in their approach to life and work. It suggests that, like the golden social change agent pirates of our past, people should challenge the status quo, take risks, and pursue their own paths rather than following established rules and expectations.

I link hermeneutic phenomenology with “being more pirate” by considering how our subjective experiences and perceptions shape our understanding of the world and our place in it. And alongside the revelations of the concreteness of our day-to-day experiences, we can think more creatively about how to approach problems and potential solutions.

Ultimately, the link between phenomenology and “being more pirate” will depend on how one interprets and applies these ideas in our own life and work. For me, phenomenology and “being more pirate” encourage individuality, creativity, and a willingness to challenge the status quo and to explore beyond the boundaries of what we’ve been told.

And to take wonder in it all. Especially in those moments when we feel over-whelmed or discouraged by some challenge or disappointment.

So from me to you, on what I can shed:

Phenomenology, a path to explore,

The subjective nature of what we know.

To challenge the status quo,

And push beyond the boundaries told.

Be more pirate, a call to arms,

Rebel against the norms.

Chart a course that’s all our own,

Set sail for a life unknown.

Being a doctoral student,

A journey of the mind.

Delve deep into a subject,

To find new knowledge and insight.

A path to follow,

A path to forge.

Embrace the unknown,

Take a chance.

Be more pirate,

To advance.

Set sail on the seas of thought,

Chart a course that can’t be bought.

 With phenomenology as guide,

And rebel spirit by our side.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas.

Just trying to make sense of it all.

Felicity x

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