On Becoming Incorporated – Harmonious Entrepreneurship

All philosophy begins with wonder Socrates said. This I believe is true for all new enterprises and ventures. Wonder, my favourite word and a theme I’ve commented upon many a time here at Emergent Thinkers.

Unlike curiosity, wonder can never be satisfied fully, wonder lingers. I am proud to share the legal incorporation of the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society, a journey of ongoing wonder, where we work tirelessly to anchor innovation and entrepreneurship in human meaningfulness to help resolve the Sustainability Crisis.

“Another step in the life of the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society. I am delighted to say that Felicity and I have registered as a Limited Company. We have always planned on doing this, and can now begin to fulfil more of our plans. We are getting there, one step at a time”Professor David A. Kirby

Harmonious Entrepreneurship Ltd – Co-directors, David A. Kirby and Felicity Healey-Benson

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