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Based in South Wales, UK, Emergent Thinkers.com ®. is a reflective blog to support my doctoral research on concepts and practices that support the Future of Education, Work, Sustainability and Global Citizenship. My goal is to respond to the needs and challenges of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), where human and technology are aligned to enable new possibilities.

Why ‘the name Emergent Thinkers’

In my ‘world-view’, emergent thinkers are people who see wholes rather than parts, that offer ideas that positively facilitate a world that is in a perpetual process of becoming, to support humanity’s adaptation and evolution. They draw from a range of disciplines, from science through to the arts and humanities, and embrace the unfolding process of potential that the transformative journey brings.

The world is full of systems e.g. ecosystems and varies types of social system. In philosophy, science, and art, emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own. These properties help living organisms adapt to their environments, increasing their chances of survival.

The term “emergence” is rooted in the Latin verb ”emergo”, to arise, to rise up,
to come up or to come forth. The term was coined by G. H. Lewes in Problems of Life and Mind (1875) who drew the distinction between emergent and resultant effects.
Emergentism doesn’t rely on a scientific reductionist explanation of the mind & society. A reality interpretative theory/model (Beorlegui, 2009), it allows for a wider range of possibilities.

Spotlight 5 Interviews


My interviews entitled ‘the mind behind…’ endeavour to highlight the underlying human principles, values and experience that underpin key concepts of our time. https://emergentthinkers.com/?s=mind+behind


Lateral Thinkers

Emergent Thinkers’ pays homage to the idea that emergent thinking encompasses both convergent (using of imaginations) & divergent thinking (using of logic)(Higgins, 2013), and is related to a type of lateral thinking.


Complexity, Chaos Theory and Systems Thinking also inform my perspective. 

I am also passionate about sustainability and creative Entrepreneurial Development. It impregnates my thinking and writing.


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