Pirates in HE Wales

Actively facilitating positive disruption in the education sector. Underpinned with ‘Entrepreneurial Learning’. Shaping and transforming educational outcomes for sustainable development and social justice. Transforming lives and pathways for people to improve their skills, employability and life chances while supporting wider economic and social development.

July 2023 – up and coming


July 2021 – when pirates find each other
June 2021
At Bishop Grosseteste University

The Professor & the Pirate

Check out the Pirate at work…. at The Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society launched for GEW2020 November 2020 https://harmonious-entrepreneurship.org/

Proud to be listed in ‘How to Be More Pirate’ (Sam Conniff & Alex Barker, 2020)

Recent conference work – The Pirates in HE at Nexus + 14th July 2020


“You must be the change you want to see in the world” — Gandhi

Making use of the Entrecomp framework to build adynamic, responsive force, in and around the systems that we have got that are letting us down, [at] the speed we need, to create the change that is required’ (Sam Conniff Allende, 2018)

Why I self identify as a pirate…

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