hanfod.NL phenomenology goes online – June 2021

Last Autumn I shared the birth of a new society with Dr Mike Johnson and Morten Kure Kattenhøj. At hanfod.NL, we aim to build a community of phenomenological enquiry within networked learning. Despite all our positive thoughts and finger-crossing we were timed out with the continuing covid restrictions for our 2-day event and gathering at Cardiff Castle. BUT, the good news is that we have successfully migrated this to an equally fab online conference, which brings new access opportunities.

Supported by The Networked Learning Conference Consortium on 10th-11th June 2021 hanfod.NL we will host a live Phenomenology of Practice workshop spread over two afternoons on 10th and 11th June from 1pm-4:30pm (UK, GMT). (2-5.30pm CET, 6am-9.30am MST. Prof Cathy Adams of the University of Alberta ‘ will lead the Phenomenology of Practice’ workshop &  Prof Nina Bonderup Dohn of the University of Southern Denmark will steer the writing. We will use the Zoom platform for the live online workshops and have a dedicated exclusive Microsoft Teams site, to include VLOGs released weekly in the run-up to the event. Here’s one of my VLOG contributions – as an example, we are keen to extract more from you.

The MS Team site will also host a library and offer an opportunity to interact in text-based discussions and videoconferencing. Find out more about the VLOGs on this page. Access to the MS Teams site will be granted shortly after registration for the event .

For some of us, the event is a catalyst for written contributions towards the Networked Learning Conference in May 2022 and an edited collection, such as a new book in the Springer Networked Learning series. The MS Team will remain a platform for this work in the months after the June 2021 event.

To find out more, including how to register a place, check out the hanfod.NL pages. You can also follow our blog for email updates

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