A telos for the 203rd decade

It’s hard to ignore the outgoing decade witnessed a growing disillusionment to deliver on happiness, particularly that born of personal fulfillment. 2020 heralds the dawn of a new decade. I look forward. Open to its new possibilities. Hope for a rebirth of consciousness of both the individual and collective mind.

In contrast to previous episodes crossing boundaries between decades, the 203rd, I sense, is different.

A telos originates from the Greek for end, purpose, or goal, and is root of the term teleology, the study of purposiveness or intention. In the spirit of new year planning and my interest in phenomenology, I share my own personal telos entering the new year. In doing so, I also acknowledge ‘telos’ also refers to what Heidegger (1992) called ‘Daesin’, the kind of being that is, in its being, concerned with its own being. Thus the ultimate telos for human existence is human existence itself (Gonzalez, 2006).

A new decade’s purpose

Altered by the experience of deep grief,
Life passes by quickly.
In-motherhood, a release of control and self-focus,
Charged to protect, to conserve.
Exposure to scientific fact,
Earth deteriorates.
My present, a temporal space,
Occupied between ancestors and offspring.
Endeavours now weighted,
A spiritual-like quest.
In the chaos and complexity,
Reveal the beautiful mysteries.

Fires burn, ice-caps melt,
Unblind the actors in the game.
Steer from avarice, complacency;
Unbind the culture of complicity.
Release from ego-isolation,
Start with the individual.
With me,
Know thy resolutions are not thy own.
Awareness grows,
Responsibility enacts.
Tick-tock, hear the grains of sand,
Future be conscious, be bright.

Do things differently, look for, attend to,
The possibilities of a soulful existence,
Seek, help shape, an individual and collective sense,
Of what it is to be human.
Reconnect to nature, the land, the earth.
To an interconnected, empathic community of beings.
Shape harmonious futures,
Sustainable economic and societal designs.
Unlock spiritual intuition.
Body, mind and soul.

Felicity. 30th December 2019.

our spirit will no longer let us discern the future with forecasts, plans, predictions, trend extrapolations and high-technology inventions that do not speak directly to our spiritual dimension – Warren Ziegler


Heidegger, M. (translated by Macquarrie, J., & Robinson, E). (1962) ‘Being and time’, Blackwell: Malden, MA.

Gonzalez, F.J. (2006) ‘Beyond or Beneath Goood and Evil? Heidegger’s Purifucation of arutsole’s Ethics. In Drew A. Hyland/John Panteleimon Manoussakis(eds.): Heidegger and the Greeks: Interpretive Essays (Studies in Continental Thought), Indiana University Press: . Indiana.

Ziegler, W. (1995) ‘Ways of Inspiriting: Transformative Practices for the Twenty-First Century’, First Edition edition, Fia International: Denver, Colorado.

Image: Sands of Time by Aron Visuals, Tree by Eric Muhr and hand embracing bulb by Riccardo Annandale.

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